The Ip Man Ving Tsun Taolu (Forms) Match


The First Ip Man Ving Tsun Taolu (Forms) Match organized by Ving Tsun Athletic Association,  will be held on 28th October 2012 (Sunday) in Hong Kong.


Time :                             Start at 10:00am, 28th October 2012


Place :                            6th floor of Auditorium of Auxiliary Medical Service Headquarters

81, Princess Margaret Road, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon


Event :                           (a)   Siu Lim Tau

                                        (b)   Chum Kiu

                                        (c)   Biu Gee

                                        (d)   Chark Yiu

                                        (e)   Wooden Dummy


(For “Siu Lim Tau”, “Chum Kiu” and “Wooden Dummy”, participants should follow the demonstration made by Grand Master Ip Man; for “Biu Gee”, participants should follow the two demonstration passed by the Association; for Chark Yiu, participants should follow the demonstration made during the Second Ving Tsun World Conference-cum-.  All demonstration videos can be found on our website,


Details of the Match

A.        Groups :       

-   Boys Junior

-   Girls Junior

-   Men Open

-   Female Open

*Participants below 18 are classified as Junior Group

*Entry is available on a first-come, first served basis. The organizer reserves the right to close entries before the deadline without prior notice.


B.         Match time prescribed : Not more than 3 minutes for each event


C.         Eligibilty

-   Open for public

-   Each participant should take no more than two events

-   Each participant should sign the “Safety Declaration” see Appendix 1, those who have not signed the declaration will not be eligible for the Match.


D.        The sequence and groupings of the participants for each event will be arranged by our Association.


E.         The referees will be designated by our Association


F.         Awards

Three awards for each event in each group:

Gold AwardSilver AwardBronze Award

ü  All Gold Award awardees will be sponsored to participate in the Third Ving Tsun World Conference-cum- and the 10th Anniversary of Ip Man Tong Museum at the Foshan Ancestral Temple on 3rd ~ 4th November 2012.


G.        Method of enrolment

1          Application form can be downloaded in our website ( 1. Application Form Form [Application Form PDF Version]   2. Safety Declaration[Safety Declaration PDF Version])

2           Fees

-   For overseas participants, we only accept payment made in Hong Kong dollars, please prepare the HONG KONG Dollars Demand Draft drawn on Hong Kong local bank and make payable to “Ving Tsun Athletic Association Limited”.

-   For local participants, cash or cheque (payable to “Ving Tsun Athletic Association Limited”), please bank in our account, details as follows:

Ø  Account Name :   Ving Tsun Athletic Association Limited

Ø  Account No. :         HSBC 001-147776-002

3          Please send to our association, the application form together with the deposit slip or demand draft by hand or mail

4          Please make copy of the application form and the deposit slip or demand draft for your own record

5          Receipt will be given to each participant


H.        Application deadline :       30th September 2012


I.           Application fee for each event : HK$200-


J.           A Certificate of Attendance and a T-shirt will be given to each participant.




Ving Tsun Athletic Association

Dated 19th June, 2012.